Why to choose DA ?

Why is DA as a platform important?

Let’s explain this with the help of an incident

A candidate who attained the percentage of around 65% opted for Engineering in CS because of parental pressure. Undoubtedly, he was left aloof of the eligibility criteria and the admission scenario. He could not achieve a good score in JEE too which resulted in him landing in a very desperate situation. His parents trusted a middle-man with their son career and money who duped them and left them with no option at the very last minute when all the admission formalities were closing. It was very fortunate for him that he found DA through one of our Facebook posts and immediately called the toll-free number to reach out for help.

There are many such instances of students who are desperate to get admission in good colleges in their desired course but they failed to reach the threshold of marks that is required for them to get into those colleges. This student was one of them whose desperation was taken advantages of greedy vultures. When the student finally reached us, we could sense the need of urgency in his parent voice who was obviously very concerned about their ward’s career. We helped that students get into an A grade colleges in his desired course without leaving any stresses on the parents’ end. Needless to say, that person is doing very well in his job which he got through the colleges’ placement and has an annual package of 6 lacs.

A platform like DA was not available to the students earlier that led them to choose unsophisticated options to get into colleges which are not even well recognized. Nowadays, students have opportunities to come to a platform like DA and top-notch guidance from experienced counsellors who not help you in choosing the right career option for you but also helps you in getting admission in a well-recognized college.

Why Trust US

DIRECT ADMISSION is partnered with more 160 banks around the globe.

We have a toll free 1800-3000-2688 number which is just provided to the best private companies apart from govt. Institutions.

We have a record of successful counselling and admission of 6000 students just in last year.

Top Counseling and management firm for more than 9 long years.

Payment Gateways: PayUMoney, EBS and Payt, which again given to certified service providers after examining after a long duration

DA as a backup

DA serves as a form of backup also to you considering the example just in case you could not get admission through Merit after successful registration DA would be having your back up and would ensure admission in the top prominent private colleges.


DA serves as an online psychometric test which is authorized by the Top Civil Servants which ensure proper career assessment of the candidate based on his personality, interest, style, aptitude and Emotional Quotient. The report finally concludes with the best career prospects for the students and accessed by our highly experienced career assessment team.


KOCP refers to KOTA Online Coaching program which adheres the problem of students wasting time to travel.